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Our Services

Queen Bee has been in business with more than 27 years experience. We offer a full service auction and sales team with experienced professionals who are knowledgeable of your needs in the successful settlement of your estate. These services have been most helpful to our clients, individuals, attorneys, and trust officers. I believe you will be interested as well. The following auction and sales service options are available for disposing of estates:

Auction Facility Sale

This type of sale is a popular method. We pack everything in your house and move it to our auction facility where we inventory, advertise, and auction to the highest bidder at public auction. Our modern auction house is heated and air conditioned with padded chairs and concessions.

On site auctions are also very popular. When the auction is completed, the purchasers will remove all Items. We will inventory, create lots, tag, computerize, and advertise your sale. At the end of the auction, purchasers will remove their items from the property, the house is swept out and a computer print out of the auction is presented to you.

Auctions To Be Held At The Estate
Conduct Estate In-House Tag Sales

We will provide tagging and pricing. Large groups of buyers from our client mailing list will be invited to attend on a designated day. They are allowed to inspect and purchase items the same day. At the end of the day (or days) of the sale, all unsold items may be moved to our auction house to be auctioned at a future auction, donated to charity or discarded at our discretion.

Auction All Personal Property As Well As Real Estate

Includes all types of real estate, residential, farms, acreage, lots, etc. Property and real estate can be offered at absolute auction or may be auctioned pending client confirmation of high bid. We have the expertise to market real estate and attract bidders with financial means to purchase the real estate.

Buy The Estate

Most recently we have frequent requests to simply buy the estate. Originally, we had not considered doing so. However, many attorneys and trust officers are requesting the opportunity to sell the estate and settle same day. We have added this option.

This service is available with a full appraisal package. The appraisal is presented to you in a binder including description, price, and color pictures. Fees vary.

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