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For Georgia, Alabama, & Florida Auctions

Evans Auctioneers is proud to provide you with the

following auction services:

City, County & State Government Municipalities

Estate Auctions

Consignment Auctions

Online Auctions


The Benefits of Using EVANS AUCTIONEERS


  • EVANS AUCTIONEERS. has a mailing database of 75,000+ verified mailing addresses.

  • EVANS AUCTIONEERS is a full service auctioneering firm specializing in City, County & State Government Municipalities; Real Estate & Estate Auctions; Consignment Auctions; and Appraisals.

  • EVANS AUCTIONEERS enjoys the reputation of recovering a higher percentage of your investment dollars than any other auction company.



  • Your City, County or State Government will receive more money for surplus vehicles and equipment than ever before!

  • EVANS AUCTIONEERS handles all pre-auction, auction, and post auction activities.

  • EVANS AUCTIONEERS will auction all of your merchandise - even the undesirable.


  • 40+ years experience.

  • Municipality specialist.

  • All Staff has knowledge and expertise in the auction profession.

  • All equipment, supplies and personnel furnished.

  • Seller provided a full computerized report series sale day.

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