A Message From Anne Evans - Anne's Estate Auctions & Sales

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, our Mayor has ordered all business' to close for the present time. Our showroom door may be opened, at my discretion, for an individual to buy and pay for furniture on a one on one basis by appointment only. Price will be agreed upon prior to arrival so that we are not together for any length of time.


Lets use this time to reflect on the furniture made in China. Thinking about the unknown chemicals used in the furniture that is in our homes and if we are exposing our family to chemicals that may be released to our families that may have later findings of negative health issues. Just my concerns for all customers that buy from China.


My personal hopes, as an American, is that we only buy goods made in the USA. Antiques, vintage furniture, all wood products made in America are much safer for the environment, while also supporting our economy. To reuse, recycle, or refurbish furniture from the past shows respect and appreciation for the labor and talents of those Americans while preserving history for future generations.


We look forward to future estate sales and auctions with a positive outlook and support from all of you.

Wishing all good health and peace.

- Anne Evans, Anne's Estate Sales

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